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    More meets Christians where they’re at, acknowledging the roots of their discontent and demonstrating how to move from inspiration and desire into action. Introducing a memorable vocabulary and an easy-to-use practical framework, More equips readers to embark on a journey of discovering their unique personal calling.

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    Find Your Personal Calling

The Big Idea

Why More?

Most people are not living in the sweet spot of their unique personal calling. Instead, they live continually with a tension, sensing that God has something more for them than what their journey currently offers.

More helps people turn this discontent and their questions regarding purpose and significance into meaningful action.  More provides a memorable vocabulary and a practical framework that are easy for any person to use in embarking on a journey of discovering their unique personal calling and making progress in answering the nagging questions of purpose that we all face.


More will help you find your unique personal calling!

A Simple Framework for Calling


Our sweet spot of personal calling is found at the intersection of three questions men and women wrestle with:

Who am I created to BE? (a design question)

What am I made to DO? (a purpose question)

Where am I to GO (a position question)

More starts with who we are, and that we are uniquely created with a unique identity and design.  Who are we created to BE?  This identity is one we actively discover and participate in activating.  Our BE or identity overflows into and shapes our mission.  What are we made to DO?  Finally, our DO requires a context, or a position where it is lived out.  Where are we to GO?


More is full of insights and tools for working through these BE-DO-GO elements.  All of these working together lead to the fullness of God’s call on our lives.


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Chapter Summaries

Outline of More

 Foreword – by Rick Warren and Dr. Robert Coleman

Introduction – There Must Be Something More

SECTION 1: Foundations in Calling

Chapter 1 – Trusting the Author of Our Story

Chapter 2 – Stepping Forward in Faith

Chapter 3 – Two Scripts, Two Kingdoms

Chapter 4 – Surrendering the Leading Role

Chapter 5 – Redefining Success

Chapter 6 – Owning My Part

Chapter 7 – Trusting the Guide

Chapter 8 – Discovering My Unique Role


SECTION 2: Discovering Your Calling

Chapter 9 – Being a Disciple:  My Core Identity

Chapter 10 – Making Disciples:  My Core Mission

Chapter 11 – Where I am:  My Core Position

Chapter 12 – Crafted by God:  My Unique Identity

Chapter 13 – Good Works and Deeds:  My Unique Mission

Chapter 14 – Where I’m Most Effective:  My Unique Position

Chapter 15 – The Importance of Mentors

Chapter 16 – Living the Part

Epilogue – by Bob Buford


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Rick Warren, Dr. Robert Coleman & Bob Buford

Foreword and Epilogue

Key Leaders Embrace More

Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, Dr. Robert Coleman, author of The Master Plan of Evangelism, and Bob Buford, author of Halftime have been strong voices into Todd Wilson's life and the book More. These leaders contributed to More by writing the Foreword and Epilogue.

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Rick Warren <br>(Foreword)

Rick Warren

"I have walked with Todd Wilson and been part of his team at Exponential for several years. He cares deeply about Jesus and the church. He is a student and lifelong learner. His passion for living for God’s glory and helping others do the same is genuine. I’m proud of how he has used the gifts God gave him, and I encourage you to learn from his experience."

Dr. Robert Coleman<br> (Foreword)

Dr. Robert Coleman

"I am honored to have played a part in Todd’s journey and the writing of More. When you spend time with Todd, you can’t help but see his passion or the Kingdom of God and his heart for multiplication. Todd is giving his life to modeling what it looks like to live in your unique sweet spot of personal calling and to equip others to do the same."

Bob Buford <br> (Epilogue)

Bob Buford

“What Todd has done in More is very similar to what my mentor Peter Drucker did for me. Todd is asking the right questions and providing the right feedback that plays out as encouragement, permission, clarity, and accountability. I enthusiastically did the Epilogue and believe this is an important book that can catalyze fresh expressions in American Christianity."

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Is More for Me?

There must be something more...

Do you have a desire to experience more abundant and meaningful living?

Do you have a sense that you have more capacity for good than what your current roles and responsibilities provide?

Are you uncertain of your unique personal calling and how to discover it?

If so, More is written to encourage, inspire and equip people like you.


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A Supplementary Resource for More

This guide is part of a library of supplementary resources to help readers work through and apply the BE-DO-GO process in More. These supplementary resources will continued to be added to the library.



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About the Author

Todd Wilson


I remember the day my mentor and friend Bob Buford, author of the book Halftime: Moving From Success to Significance, challenged me with the idea of working 100% in the sweet spot of my personal calling. My first reaction was a genuine enthusiasm. How amazing would it be to live perfectly aligned in the sweet spot of God’s unique calling for my life?

I was energized by the prospects. However, that emotion was quickly suppressed by the reality of a second question that filled my mind, “how would I even know if I were living in the sweet spot of my personal calling?”

Bob’s question that day was a turning point in my life. I took the question to heart and became passionate about discovering the sweet spot of my personal calling. Its a journey that will continue the rest of my life. In the process, I developed a simple framework for calling that I now use to help other people find their calling. The book More was a five year labor of love that seeks to capture the framework in words.


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